Design Sprint and Innovation Masterclass

Are you ready to take your Design Sprint training and innovation skills to the next level?

The Masterclass offers an exclusive, premium professional opportunity for participants to upgrade high-demand problem solving and innovation skills while developing universally sought-after expertise.
This deep dive into Design Sprint training will fast-track your learning and strengthen your ability to solve problems (and projects) that are tough to execute with uncertain outcomes with one, two or all three workshop options.
Upon completion of all three days, participants receive a Design Sprint & Innovation Masterclass certificate endorsed by sprint process co-creator, John Zeratsky.
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Learn the official Design Sprint process from its creator John Zeratsky

As an innovation tool, design sprints offer an effective and transformative formula for testing ideas with real people, whether you're on a small team at a startup, or inside a large portfolio of projects at an enterprise organization. Attend this workshop to help you plan and lead successful design sprints.

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Prototype & Iterate 10x Faster with Prototype Thinking Labs

Take a deep, hands-on look into how to conceptualize, manage and execute prototyping and testing elements of an innovation project. Learn from the pros at Prototype Thinking Labs as they walk you through turning a great idea into a validated solution through rapid iteration.

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Advanced Facilitation Skills for Innovation and Design Workshops

This one-day workshop will help you build the core skills needed to become a productive and effective facilitator, taking your design and innovation workshop skills to the next level. You’ll leave with a solid understanding of the tools, principles and practices of a great facilitator.

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